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25 Years                                 The human input in the ironwork
      of Hope                               imbues the product with a subtle hand
                                            crafted quality that distinguishes them
Aventure that started out as a              from the slick mass production models of
          romantic whim in 1992 has         today.
          reached a milestone.
   What started as a solo show 25             It’s difficult to find a comparative
years ago, has evolved into a 30 strong     product of this genre of furniture made
production team and a collection of         on this scale anywhere else. .….. perhaps
colossal reinvigorated engineering and      anywhere in the world?
woodwork machinery. In this time, the
name of hope garden furniture has              “We chose to do it this way, the long
become, synonymous with the classic         way round. In retrospect I have come
genre of garden chairs and tables made      to believe that we are perhaps as mad as
from forged iron and wood that first        people said we were, but we got something
emerged from Europe in the 1900’s.          right in the process, albeit in an odd way.”

   The founding aim of this “odd company        It’s rewarding to see the longevity
of mad caps” was to make replicas, that     that was built into these products, made
could in time be mistaken for the original  manifest by the reappearance of loyal
ones that the owner had collected. All      customers either returning for another
hope products are made in the traditional   piece to add to their collection or simply
method incorporating the hand and           to replace neglected wooden components
machine forged features of the “sample

    This is properly ‘smithed’ steel work,
assembled by hand on anvils by time
trained artisans who over the years have
assembled hundreds of products - to the
discerning buyer the weight, quality and
manufacturing detail of hope products
is comparable to the those made at the
height of their production in the early
20th century.

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