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ESSENSUAL LUXURY                                                                     dw • May 2018 1

       M A D E B Y S E A LY

When the market-leading innovators at Sealy made a bed that is both
               sensuous and essential to achieving truly healthy sleep, the result could
               only be described as ‘essensual luxury’.
Nearly everything about the luxurious new la différence range of beds is different.
It looks different - you can see the obsession with quality sewn into every surface -
and it feels different - climb onto one and your day will feel so much better.

According to Riaan Strydom, Sealy Brand Executive at Bravo Group Sleep Products,
“If we used the same materials that go into ordinary beds, la différence wouldn’t be
nearly so remarkable. Even under the sheets it’s a sensory experience you’ll want to
come back to night after night.”

Every la différence bed is coated in durable Dermatex - a probiotic technology that
protects, regenerates and beautifies your skin overnight - even through your sheets
and night clothes.

Other innovations include a layer of Latex Airâ„¢, which offers 3D mesh comfort that
moulds to your body shape but resists lasting compression. Layers of Dual-Flex
Hybrid Foam and Coolsmart® Gel Memory Foam add to the luxurious comfort.
And the imported PostureTech® Pro encased Coil-in-Coil inner spring system
adapts constantly and subtly to your individual weight and body shape.

When you make a bed as beautiful as la différence every detail counts, which is why
you’ll find perfection in every element, from the handles and labels to the quilted

          la différence mattresses are available in Luxury and Luxury Pillow.

                To discover the difference a la différence bed can make,
                 visit for a select retail store near you.
                  We suspect your nights will never be the same again.
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