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Parqer Glass

Bring the real wine experience into nature with full comfort and stability

Maybe you know the feeling when you want to enjoy a nice glass of wine outside on a beautiful late summer afternoon? When selecting the right wine for this moment, immediately the question will pop up. What kind of glass fits this occasion? Probably you end up with a shaky wine glass, a plastic camping mug or a leaky plastic cup.
Parqer Glass has now come with a solution for these situations. The Parqer is a classic wine glass where the foot is replaced by an aluminum pin that can be ‘parqed’ at any soft surface. It brings the real wine experience into nature by making it stable and comfortable.
The glasses are packed in an easy-to-carry box that is shockproof and easily stored.

Material: Glass and Aluminum
Place of production: The Netherlands
Design: Dorine Vos
Photo: Parqer Glass
Production: Parqer Glass
Available online at:

About Parqer Glass
Parqer Glass works with materials of high quality to provide products which make life just a bit easier.
The first product is Parqer which combines design and comfort in an elegant way.
Dorine Vos came up with the design after her own experiences sitting in the parks of Amsterdam.

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