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The new frontiers of rest and the rediscovery of creative leisure: HiAm is here

Milano, Italy

In the age of remote working and forced closures, between distance learning and home fitness, consumers began to express the need to redesign their living spaces with the goal of transforming them into authentic oases of well-being, designed for relaxation. The hibed, produced by the Hi-Interiors brand, was created precisely with that goal in mind: to offer an innovative response to new lifestyle needs. 

Photo credit: LorenzaD’Alessio

With its cutting-edge solutions, the Hi-Interiors brand affirms its presence in the ‘Internet of Furniture market’, a segment dominated by ‘smart’ furnishing accessories. In Italy alone, the smart objects market has already reached 3.7 billion, with year-over-year growth of more than 30% (data obtained from the Internet of Things Observatory of the Politecnico di Milano).

In the Hi-Interiors hibed, the use of technology is part of a much broader holistic concept that is developed across three levels: wellness, entertainment, and health.

The hibed experience emphasizes new ways of living, and highlights how technology — in its greatest forms — can be integrated into our lives. The hibed demonstrates its ability to serve as a sleep coach, equipped with a professional entertainment system, digital scenarios, and smart alarms. The technology will soon be able to respond to voice commands, allowing it to function as a true health coach, aesthetically wrapped in the spirit of the best of Italian design.

With the official launch of HiAm, until recently referred to by the generic name, hibed, Hi-Interiors affirms the uniqueness of this new product category — already established through the release of the first product of its kind, HiCan. A genuine centralized system dedicated to people’s physical and mental well-being, this intelligent and sophisticated creation is animated by iconic Made in Italy elements. HiAm, the new hi-tech four-poster bed, is a real oasis of rest and well-being in which to rediscover the true meaning of leisure, and is intended as a primary source of creativity for an individual’s personal realization.

“Italy is the country of ‘art’ and ‘beauty’ par excellence. With HiAm, these values take on a new form in an evolved product that, in combining design with technology, leads us to self-discovery, projecting us into a dimension in which otium, or leisure, assumes an active and extremely positive significance, just as it did in classical antiquity” — Fabio Vinella, product designer.

The ancient Roman concept of “otium” embodies the fundamental importance of time dedicated to oneself and personal growth. In this sense, Hi-Interiors’ new intelligent bed becomes “I Am”, with the aim of celebrating human beings who, as in ancient Rome, are first and foremost dedicated to their own ‘I’ and to self-development.

HiAm’s design is based on lightness and versatility, well represented not only by the specific choices of the raw materials used — such as wood or aluminum — but also in the choice to incorporate the product’s technological potential within its lines, thus creating a sober and essential aesthetic. The elegant aluminum curves have allowed Hi-Interiors to adorn this new hibed with a material that is environmentally friendly, lightweight, and extremely durable.

To spark the physiological well-being derived from otium, HiAm uses ambient and reading lights, a high-definition audio system, a 70-inch screen, and a 4k projector. Additionally, it incorporates motorized bed bases programmed for massages, and a refined fragrance diffuser for personalized moments of relaxation — all activated through a native iOS app. Thanks to the support guaranteed by IoT sensors, the brand’s modern four-poster bed will also be able to collect data on sleep conditions and the environment. The sensors’ many functions include detecting any ambient noises that could disturb your sleep, and identifying the ideal temperature for achieving aoptimum rest.  

Photo credit: Andre Sanna

An intimate connection with the product is also created through a broad range of available customized finishes, embodied in a color palette that whisks users away on a journey through the varied colors of the Italian landscape: from the azure of the “costiera del sud” (southern coast), to the deep blue of the “blu riviera” (riviera). Warmer tones include “rosso vendemmia” (grape harvest red), “chicco di caffè” (coffee bean), and “fungo di collina” (hillside mushroom).

The presentation commercial, written and created by the content marketing agency, LUZ, is a vibrant tribute to Italian beauty, art, and architecture. “HiAm is a sensory experience, designed to pay homage to Italian beauty and the Italian spirit. The advertising embodies that, and it tells the story through the scent of a basil leaf, the palazzi that enhance the beauty of our walks in the city, the power of music, and with the pure pleasure of feeling alive,” says Raffaella Oliverio, CMO of Hi-Interiors and co-founder of IOF, the innovative startup responsible for developing the project. Hi-Interiors partner for the commercial, the Somma1867 brand, a part of the Gabel Group, is a leading Italian company in the textile sector, and the only European manufacturer that has maintained control of its entire supply chain. LUZ uses this element to tell the HiAm story, building a sophisticated and recognizable global brand image.

HiAm is sold exclusively through the official Hi-Interiors website: via a personalized concierge service.

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