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                                                    Issue 241

            ii    SEVENS

           8     DESIGNER PROFILE
                 About Claudia Gurwitz

           10    DESIGNER PROFILE
                 About Alison Henry

           12    TRADE WINDS
                 Coulisse introduces breakthrough antiviral screen for
                 window coverings - Screen kills coronavirus particles

           13    TRADE WINDS                                      SEVENS
                 “Carbon negative” Carpet tiles now available in S.A.  Sevens’ buyers sourced the world for the best in design, flair and
                                                                 quality in contemporary and classic furniture and accessories,
           14    TRADE WINDS                                     and today Sevens imports sofas, leather lounge suites, reclaimed
                                                                  teak dining suites and beautiful chrome products.
                 Go proudly local at the vibrant new African Lane
                 in Rosebank.

           16    TRADE WINDS
                 A postponed show, and a new launch: introducing   28   COMMERCIAL INTERIOR
                 Design Joburg Collective, 3 - 5 June 2021          De Toren Private Cellar creates a captivating guest
                                                                    experience with its stylishly designed Manor House
           17    TRADE WINDS
                 The office of the future - Top 5 Design Trends for 2021  32   PULL UP A CHAIR

           20    IID
                 The African Institute of The Interior Design Professions  34   PULL UP A CHAIR
                                                                    Kilt, Ribot and Swing
           22    KSA
                 The Kitchen Specialists Assocoiation                                                                                     38   KITCHEN

           24    GREEN DESIGN
                 World Earth Day 2021                          40    KITCHEN
                                                                    The Orangery
                                                               42    KITCHEN
                                                                    ZIP Hydrotap Touch-Free Wave

                                                               44    KITCHEN WORKTOPS

                                                               46    KITCHEN WORKTOPS
                                                                    Home Office - between kitchen and living room
                                                               50    ON THE TERRACE
                                                                    Thammasat Urban Rooftop Farm Tambon Khlong Nung,
               50                                              53   ON THE TERRACE
                                                                    Hope - Tradtional garden furniture

           4     Issue 241 • dw
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