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                                                     Issue 241

           54    EVENTS
                 Exciting new plans unveiled for Decorex Cape Town 2021

           56    EVENTS
                 The IPAF 2021 murals revealed
           62    ALL ABOUT ART
                 ‘Interrupted’ - A Solo Exhibition of Paintings by
                 Claudia Gurwitz

           64    ALL ABOUT ART
                 Song Art Museum Dongcheng Qu, China
                                                                   With blinds like these it’s more than just redecorating. It’s rein-
           70    LU BLANCHE CHAPEL HOUSE                           vigorating.  Our venetian blinds offer a variety of stylish forms
                 Toronto, Canada                                   for you to choose from. Whether you prefer the contemporary
                                                                   styling of our aluminium blinds, the versatility and practicality
           76    A VIBRANT AFRICAN INTERIOR DESIGN                 of our styro wood blinds, the natural serenity of our bamboo
                                                                   blinds or the timeless elegance of our wooden blinds, you’ll find
                 TREATMENT IGNITES THE NEW FLAME                   an option that meets your design needs.
                 STUDIOS AT CONSTITUTION HILL.                      0861-1829-567
                 Johannesburg, South Africa

                                                                82    GOUNOD RESIDENCE
                                                                      Montréal, Canada
                                                                88    EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION OFFICES IN
                                                                      Barcelona, Spain

                                                                95    TAIL OF THE DOG
                                                                      The Treasures of City Parks
                                                                98     BRIGHT IDEAS
                                                                      Ambientec’s nomadic lamps: gems of design and
               76                                                     optical science - Yokohama, Japan

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