KARE sideboards

A staple of the modern dining room, sideboards are the perfect storage solution and statement-maker. Besides their decorative appeal they also have room for all your dining tableware and decorations.
With KARE victoriously satisfying every taste, these latest designs offer heaps of elegance, beautifully combining both form and function. The focus here is on craftmanship, with each piece advocating intricate artisanal workmanship in covetable combinations that include brass, lacquering and bookmatched timber, for example.
Besides the obvious storage opportunity inside, the sideboard top offers sufficient surface area for gorgeous displays of candles, flowers and decorative objects.
With the regular arrival of new shipments to KARE’s Kramerville showroom, a visit promises an out-of-the-ordinary experience sure to satisfy all your decorative requirements (and inspire a few you never knew you had!).

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